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The data journey includes four stages:
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Joy Lin Founder

Prior to founding Ceresus in both Taipei and Amsterdam, Joy owns extensive experience as key account manager and research consultant for multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé.

He specializes in fast moving consumer goods and healthcare industries in advising channel/distribution, pricing, product/service creation as well as media consumption. His vision for Ceresus is to marry data science with precise marketing to inspire business growth by both increasing topline and reducing bottom line, maximizing the power of marketing.

He is bringing a strong focus of decision journey and customer experience into key business decision-making processes.

Walt Chen Lead Data Analyst

As the lead data analyst for Ceresus, Walt has recently joined the company from an online media and advertisement agency.

His strong focus on statistics and modeling enables the innovative adoption of new analytic techniques such as random forest and Bayes net in the traditional marketing advising and implementation to optimize the effectiveness of online and offline marketing campaigns and promotions.

He specializes in South East and South Asia market development. With his experience in establishing the operation in India, he is inspired to develop South East Asian teams for Ceresus.

Petko Tinchev Managing Director, GemSeek

Petko has extensive experience in project management, opportunity assessment, business consulting, and business modeling across industry verticals.

His experience in project and people management is grounded in both B2C and B2B international accounts. His background is in Management Consulting.

Petko holds an MBA degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Martin Dimov Director Data Science, GemSeek

Martin has a solid statistical background and over 16 years of experience in analyzing clients’ data across industries and business questions.

Some of these include CRM analytics, predictive modeling, data visualization, advanced data mining, and machine learning.

He has managed numerous projects in Telecommunications, Customer Services, Healthcare, and Automotive.

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