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Turn Impossible to Tangible

Ceresus BV is founded by a group of industry experts with rich entrepreneurial experiences.


We walk the talk.



Ceresus BV was established by a group of seasoned industry experts, each with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. Together, our team boasts a remarkable 50+ years of expertise in the domains of Healthcare, AI, IoT systems, Health-oriented hospitality, and Sustainability. Our global presence extends across vibrant growth hubs such as South East Asia, South Asia, as well as mature economies including East Asia, Europe, and the USA.

What sets us apart is our commitment to go beyond mere slide presentations and theoretical recommendations. In our consulting approach, we use our on-the-ground and execution experience to shape action plans that drive tangible sales growth and deliver enhanced value. We empathize with the challenges faced by small and medium-sized business owners, as we have embarked on similar journeys ourselves.

Drawing from our hands-on experiences and extensive industry network, we provide you with relevant, targeted insights that align with the resources you can allocate. With Ceresus BV, you can trust us as passionate advocates of growth, dedicated to your success in both career and ventures.

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Ceresus BV Service Portfolio

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Clients have goals too. Seal the deal by aligning with them.

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Small- and Medium-size Company Valuation

Ceresus BV specialises in evaluating companies' intangible aspects for their true commercial worth

Our Clients & Collaborators

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Case Studies

"During the sale of my accounting business to an investor, our small but exceptional team of less than 10 people played a vital role. While we were experienced in pricing based on financial performance, Ceresus BV guided us to assess the value of team’s unique synergies and expertise from a different perspective. This equipped me with a stronger understanding of our company’s special value and enabled me to quantify it during the negotiation process. As a result, the outcome of the sale exceeded our expectations."

SME Owner - Accounting

"In our pursuit to seize growth opportunities in India's medical device market, we encountered distinct decision-making dynamics within Indian hospitals. Before devising an effective go-to-market strategy and securing budget allocation from top management, we needed a comprehensive understanding of this complex market landscape. Ceresus BV's unique COI© persona methodology proved invaluable. It not only facilitated top-line growth assessment but also provided our marketing and sales teams with a clear roadmap to navigate this new market. The expertise of our Ceresus BV consultant, who had firsthand experience in building a healthcare business in India, added significant value to our endeavors."

MedTech Business Development

“In our Healthcare AI concept testing conducted with Ceresus BV, we found their approach to be distinctly unique compared to other consultants. Their practical perspectives on AI applications, coupled with firsthand observations from hospitals in Europe and Asia, set them apart. We were particularly impressed by their ability to swiftly guide us through the elimination of undesired product concepts and redirect our development efforts towards concepts that were genuinely perceived as "worth the money" by the clinical community.”

Healthcare AI Product Development

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