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Small- and Medium-size Company Valuation

Business owners spend immense amounts of time and resources to build cohesive and high performing teams that pursue a shared vision. This holds true in almost every industry. Whether in professional services, F&B, SaaS, or almost any kind of industry. Powerful teams bring immense value that isn't always easy to value in terms of dollars and cents. Ceresus BV specialises in evaluating companies' intangible aspects for their true commercial worth, taking into frequently underestimated factors such as:

Manpower Skills and Knowledge

The skills and knowledge possessed by the team members play a crucial role in the success and growth of the business. Assessing the expertise, experience, and capabilities of the workforce helps provide a more accurate picture of the company's value. This includes considering the qualifications, industry-specific expertise, and unique talents that contribute to the overall competitiveness and growth potential of the business.


Potential Customer Base and Relationships

Another well of value is the untapped potential of the customer base. Evaluating the strength of the existing relationships and assessing the likelihood of converting prospective customers into actual customers are vital steps in understanding the business's commercial value. By analyzing the quality of customer relationships, market positioning, and the potential for customer acquisition, we can better assess the growth prospects and revenue-generating capacity of the company.


Contractual Partnerships and Intellectual Property

Contractual partnerships and intellectual property rights are valuable assets that can significantly impact the value of a small- or medium-sized company. Assessing the strength and longevity of contractual relationships, such as supplier agreements, distribution partnerships, or licensing arrangements, helps determine the business's stability and potential for future growth. Additionally, evaluating the company's intellectual property portfolio, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, provides insights into its competitive advantage and potential for generating revenue.

Ceresus BV deep dives into these often overlooked assets, taking on a comprehensive valuation approach that unlocks more of the value that small and medium sized companies have. Our valuation approach goes beyond traditional financial metrics and modelling to provide a more holistic and market relevant assessment of the businesses worth. We enable business owners to make better informed choices in their fundraising and M&A negotiations.

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